How Do Retail Stores Display Products?

How Do Retail Stores Display Products?In every retail store you visit, there’s an unseen war being waged. Manufacturers and wholesalers are locked in a daily battle to make sure that their products get noticed by consumers before their competitors’, and their only weapon is an effective retail display. From the retail store perspective, however, the goal is to move as many products as possible, regardless of the manufacturer. This can create a situation where products that see good sales numbers are placed in prime locations so they get seen more often. The flip side of this is that the retailer also wants to help push products that are underperforming and, therefore, the balance can get a bit tricky.

Following are some tricks retail stores often use to help boost their sales:

Highlight the Most Expensive Items

If a store is going to make more money off the sale of a certain product, you can expect that product to occupy a prime location in the store so every customer will be forced to at least consider it.

Keep it Colorful

Product displays need to catch the eye, so they should always be colorful and never monochromatic. This can be accomplished by grouping contrasting products next to one another or through the use of vibrant retail displays.

Change it Up Regularly

If a regular customer becomes too familiar with everything in your store, they will walk right past many products on their way to the product they came for. Keep them guessing by rearranging your displays every month or so, but don’t frustrate them by relocating items to an entirely new area.

Let Them Touch

A “Do Not Touch” sign is an easy way to ensure lower sales numbers. Customers want to be able to put their hands on the product before they commit to a purchase.

Use Effective Retail Displays

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