Project Overview:

Thundershirt, a fairly new company and product line was awarded endcap space in PetSmart retail stores nationwide to merchandise their products. Once the appropriate fixture was decided on, Sunbelt Displays worked with Thundershirt to design an attention-grabbing display that really made a statement. Incorporating a motion-activated LCD monitor loaded with an instructional video was important for consumer understanding of the product.  The display featured digitally printed side wings, header, and shelf wrap.  An example of the actual product being sold was displayed and secured by tethers adding to the overall impact of this endcap display. Because assembly was done at the store level, Sunbelt helped facilitate the rollout of this store set by including detailed instructions and all hardware needed in each display kit during the fulfillment of this project.  Kits were packed for shipment to PetSmart’s distribution centers across the country and then released to stores nationwide.

Scope of Services:

  • Design and production of an endcap display to market various Thundershirt products
  • Incorporation of a shelving unit, motion-activated LCD monitor with product video, and digitally printed graphics
  • Drawing and 3D renderings of the display for presentation to PetSmart
  • Problem-solving to keep costs down and meet the needs of management
  • Packaging for ease of fulfillment to individual store locations

Project Size:

National – displays shipped to PetSmart distribution centers across the country


  • Graphics for the display’s side wings, header, shelf wrap, and sidekicks
  • Video monitor and housing /platform for video
  • Shelving and peghooks for product
  • Kit packed for distribution