Project Overview:

Sony needed a display to showcase its new waterproof mobile phone, the Xperia. Specifically, they desired an interactive display that would allow consumers to actually “dunk” or submerge the phone into water so they could see for themselves that the phone is indeed waterproof.  Sunbelt Displays designed and produced a display that fit Sony’s price range while accomplishing their desired effect.  Additionally, Sunbelt designed the packaging and handled the fulfillment to more than 1000+ T-Mobile stores nationwide.  The displays were successful enough to merit a repeat order to reach more markets.

Scope of Services:

  • Designed and manufactured a “dunk tank” display that showcased Sony’s new waterproof phone, the Xperia, in T-Mobile stores.
  • Value-engineered the display to a price point that met the customer’s needs
  • Solved design and application challenges that arose during the design and prototyping stages.
  • Manufactured and fabricated the displays in a timely fashion
  • Packaged and completed fulfillment to 1000+ T-Mobile stores on behalf of the customer.

Project Size:

National – displays were shipped to T-Mobile stores nationwide


  • lever-activated, spring-powered dunking mechanism
  • sleek looking design that incorporated black and clear acrylic, digital printing, and a removable fillable water tank
  • design of the dunk tank allowed for the phone to be powered and charged to improve in-store demonstrations
  • packaging that ensured the display could be shipped via ground safely