Client: OXO

Project Overview:
OXO offers over 1,000 products and continues to expand its presence in retail stores across the country. The company is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier, searching the best solutions for life’s everyday tasks. OXO recently turned to Sunbelt Displays for help creating eye catching displays that enhance the many features of these products and to help them increase market share and expand into more retailers. Through multiple design options and prototyping, Sunbelt Displays was able to create a light-weight yet durable display for a broad line of products.

One of OXO’s newest products, the Table Top Spiralizer was a challenge to display as we needed to showcase many product features, while making sure it was safe for consumers to touch and demonstrate. Another product that required some clever fabrication, was for the OXO Good Gripe Pour Over Coffee Maker which had a lot of components that had to be secured, while at the same time allow the consumer to handle.

 Scope of Services:

  • Designed and manufactured a counter top display that showcased OXO’s newest products
  • Solved design and application challenges that arose during the design and prototyping stages. Blades had to be covered for safety reasons and product had to be secured to the display so that it was still interactive
  • Manufactured and fabricated the displays in a timely fasion
  • Packaged and completed fulfillment to distribution centers on behalf of the customer

Project Size: National – displays were disbursed from distribution centers to Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide


  • Sleek looking design that incorporated digital printing to highlight product features
  • Design of the displays enabled consumers to touch and feel the product
  • Packaging that ensured the display could be shipped via ground safely