Introducing the Award-Winning AGFA Jeti Mira MG2732 HS LED – Sunbelt Displays’ New Printing Press

AGFA Jeti Mira MG2732 HS LEDBusinesses throughout the country have turned to Sunbelt Displays for high-quality, vibrant retail displays for many years, and we’ve always taken pride in exceeding their expectations. Throughout our years in the industry, we have invested countless hours into perfecting our standards so that we can always deliver on the promises we make to our customers. We’ve also invested time and money to make sure we are using top-of-the-line technology to produce the best displays for the businesses we work with. This is why we’re so proud to announce that we have acquired the AGFA Jeti Mira MG2732 HS LED, an award-winning printing press that’s making a statement in the printing industry.

What Is the Jeti Mira?

The Jeti Mira is a flatbed printer that provides impressive print quality and optimal flexibility. Some of the more standout features of this printer include:

“Print and Prepare” Mode

While one side of the table is printing, we can begin loading the other side to eliminate any downtime and ensure nonstop production. This allows us to print quickly and offer faster turnaround times.

Industry-Leading Print Quality

This press prints in six colors (CMYKcLm) plus white at unsurpassed speeds and includes 3D varnish or primer for the perfect finishing touch. It consistently produces remarkable, detailed images and razor-sharp text, even for the smallest visuals.

UV LED Print Technology

This technology is one of a kind, allowing us to print on heat-sensitive substrates and offer an even wider range of materials to choose from. It’s also better for the environment and saves on performance and cost.

Roll-to-Roll Printing

Roll-to-roll printing improves accuracy as it decreases the travel distance for print media and reduces the risk of media skewing. As a result, roll-to-roll printing not only helps the efficiency of print production but also ensures minimal waste.

Six Vacuum Zones

Media always lays flat when printing on the Jeti Mira thanks to six independently controlled vacuum zones that eliminate curling or skewing. There’s also a reverse-assist vacuum to easily remove substrates after printing.

Advanced Shuttle System

The shuttle on this printer features safety sensors, an antistatic bar, and automatic height adjustment for ease when printing.

Bold, Vibrant Colors Year After Year

At Sunbelt, we’ve chosen to use AGFA printers to produce our displays because they offer best-in-class technology and ensure our displays maintain their bright and bold appearance even after years of use. They also offer a wide array of colors to choose from that provide high vibrancy – even under harsh fluorescent lights – and great adhesion no matter the substrate.

But the benefits of AGFA’s ink development don’t end there. This printing press also offers the following color benefits:

  • Our LED, UV-curable inks can print on heat-sensitive substrates without an issue.
  • They feature AGFA’s exclusive “thin ink layer,” which is a pigment dispersion technology that offers low consumption while still providing vivid images.
  • This printing press can add a special finishing touch to your displays to ensure they stand out from the crowd. A “spot” varnish can add a dramatic touch while using a combination of varnish and image manipulation provides a show-stopper 3D effect.
  • White ink printing that won’t clog isn’t a misnomer; it’s actually possible with the Jeti Mira. A stirring functionality keeps the white ink constantly in motion to ensure it flows along the ink lines seamlessly – no blocks, resettling, or clogs.

Learn More Information

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