Best Practices for Designing Kid-Friendly Temporary POP Displays

Designing kid-friendly temporary Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays requires a unique blend of creativity, safety, and engagement. These displays not only need to capture the attention of young shoppers but also appeal to their parents and guardians who ultimately make the purchasing decisions. Here are some best practices to ensure your kid-friendly POP displays are both effective and enjoyable.

Use Bright Colors and Fun Graphics

Children are naturally drawn to bright, vibrant colors and playful graphics. When designing a temporary POP display for kids, use a color palette that includes primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, as well as other eye-catching hues. Fun and engaging graphics featuring popular cartoon characters, animals, or whimsical patterns can also attract young eyes. For instance, a display for a new line of children’s snacks could feature animated fruit characters in bold, cheerful colors.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Interactive elements can significantly enhance the appeal of a child friendly POP display. Simple touch-and-feel components, push buttons that trigger lights or sounds, and interactive screens can keep children engaged while their parents shop. A display for a new educational toy could include a button that plays a short, catchy tune or a small screen that shows a video of the toy in action. These elements make the display memorable and fun for kids.

Focus on Safety

Safety is paramount when designing kid friendly pop displays. Ensure that all materials are non-toxic and free from sharp edges or small detachable parts that could pose a choking hazard. The display should be sturdy and stable to prevent it from tipping over if a child leans on it or tries to interact with it. Using rounded edges and durable materials can help ensure that the display is both safe and durable.

Include Educational Content

Parents are more likely to be drawn to products that offer educational value. Incorporating educational content into your POP display can appeal to both kids and their parents. For example, a display for a line of children’s books could include short educational facts, and interactive story elements. This adds value to the product and encourages parents to make a purchase.

Position at Child’s Eye Level

To effectively engage young shoppers, place your POP display at their eye level. This ensures that children can easily see and interact with the display without needing to ask for help. If the display is for a product aimed at younger children, positioning it lower can make it more accessible. For instance, a display for a new line of building blocks should be set low enough that toddlers can easily see and reach the blocks.

Highlight Key Features with Simple Language

When marketing to children, simplicity is key. Use straightforward language and short, easy-to-read phrases to highlight the key features of the product. Avoid complex sentences and industry jargon. For example, a display for a new juice box could use phrases like “Tastes Great!” and “No Added Sugar!” in large, bold text. This makes it easy for children and their parents to quickly understand the benefits of the product.

Make It Engaging for Parents Too

While the primary goal is to attract children, it’s essential to design a display that also appeals to parents. Highlighting the nutritional benefits of a snack, the educational value of a toy, or the safety features of a product can reassure parents that the item is a good choice for their child. A balanced approach that engages both kids and adults can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the display.

Helping You Create the Perfect Child Friendly POP Displays

Creating temporary POP displays for kids can be challenging, but with the proper strategies and the right team by your side, you can effectively reach your audience. Sunbelt Displays has proudly assisted countless businesses that needed kid friendly POP displays. We would love to help your business next! Reach out to us today for a consultation and quote.

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