A Wire Merchandiser is an Adaptable & Modular Display Solution

Wire MerchandiserA wire merchandiser is lightweight, sturdy, and easily assembled, making it the perfect display solution for trade shows, high-traffic retail floors, or any other sales environment that requires a low-maintenance, cost-effective display to keep products organized and visible. Sunbelt Displays, the premier acrylic and metal display fabricator in the nation, specializes in wire merchandisers for a wide array of industries.

A wire merchandiser can take a variety of forms and can be adapted to virtually any products you want to showcase, from multimedia to apparel to food. Sunbelt Displays offers slat and grid displays, spinning floor displays, magazine racks, power wings, countertop displays, and more, all with the exceptional customer service and innovative design expertise that we’ve been known for over the past 30 years. We’re also proud to offer digital printing for display graphics so that you can rely on one trusted source to create a cohesive branding message across all your retail and POP displays.

Whether you’re managing product displays for an international corporation or a small business, the bottom line is this – a display needs to communicate the relevance of a product in a glance. And, what better way to draw customers in so they can be enticed by your product than with an eye-catching, unique retail display or POP display, like a wire merchandiser? Sunbelt Displays is proud to offer custom display solutions and pre-fabricated products to our clients in Atlanta, Lexington, El Paso, Arlington, Tampa, Raleigh, Cleveland, and throughout the nation. Contact us today to begin the design process.