LCD Screen Protector – Our TV Screen Protector Can Save Plasma, LCD, & LED Televisions

TV Screen GuardsWhile today’s LCD, LED, and plasma TVs are amazing, they do have one notable weakness—their fragile screens. All it takes is a minor accident, and that stunning flat-screen TV can be transformed into an expensive paperweight. To address this issue, Sunbelt Displays now offers LCD screen protector products crafted out of clear, durable acrylic. Just put our TV screen protector in place and TV owners can save themselves thousands of dollars, plus lots of heartache.

Flat screen accidents happen to countless people across the country. Whether it’s a Wii remote control in Los Angeles, an airborne ball in Chicago, or a jumping pet in Houston, flat screen TVs can be damaged beyond repair in the blink of an eye. This often leaves TV owners with one choice—buying a new TV. Even worse, most people don’t realize (until it’s too late) that the expensive extended warranties they purchased at the store do not cover this type of TV screen damage. But thanks to Sunbelt Displays’s plasma, LED, and LCD screen protector, modern TVs are safe once again. Specially made by our custom plastic fabrication experts, TV screen protectors from Sunbelt Displays come with these benefits and more:

  • A wide range of sizes—will fit any size TV
  • Easy-to-use fasteners— to keep the LCD screen protector securely in place
  • Made of tough acrylic—our acrylic manufacturers know how to craft TV shields in a thickness that provides strong protection
  • Crystal clear—does not obstruct the view or picture quality TV screen
  • Great for any flat screen TV—located in a private home or in high traffic areas such as hospitals, military facilities, businesses, schools, and anywhere else a flat screen television needs protection

If you are interested in ordering our TV screen protectors in bulk, or if you just need one plasma, LED, or LCD screen protector, contact Sunbelt Displays today. We can quickly ship our TV screen protectors nationwide, from New York to San Diego, Houston to Phoenix, Atlanta to Philadelphia, and beyond.