Store Fixtures Attract Customers in Atlanta, Florida, New York, California and All Over the Nation

Store FixturesFirst impressions are key in the retail business, so despite the idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” consumers do just that. When they walk into a store, they scrutinize the merchandise and focus on the items you have on display. Store fixtures work to showcase products and enhance their appeal to the public. Regardless of the items, store fixtures can be used to display your merchandise a certain way and speak to a particular market. More importantly, store fixtures are simply essential for ensuring customers can see what your store has to offer, whether they’re in California, New York, Florida, Memphis, or in our backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.

The type of store fixtures you choose for your merchandise can vary. It is important to display certain products in store fixtures that will present them best to your customers. For instance, clothing needs a variety of store fixtures; they can be showcased folded in shelves, hung on racks as well as worn on mannequins. Other merchandise, such as books, need to be displayed in store fixtures like spinning racks, organized bins and shelves.  Video games and CDs, similar to books, require store fixtures that will showcase their titles. Grocery store fixtures make room for food bins, candy, chips and magazines, perfectly positioned for that last minute purchase.

There are numerous varieties of custom store fixtures you can choose from to display your wares: tabletop risers, sign holders, riser sets, display cubes, literature holders, slatwall displays, shoe risers, acrylic stands, floor displays, card holders and many more. These store fixtures can be made of materials such as metal and acrylic. Acrylic displays are helpful since they can display the entire product, whether they are display cubes that showcase cosmetics or card holders that promote gift cards.

For more information on store fixtures and how we can custom design the right ones for your company, contact Sunbelt Displays in Atlanta, Georgia, at (770) 945-5505 or toll free at 1-888-999-7003. We look forward to hearing from you.