Custom-Manufactured Sneeze Guards for Retail Shops & Other Businesses

Sneeze Guards for Retail ShopsIn the world before COVID-19, sneeze guards were only commonplace for kitchens, buffets, and food displays. Now, however, they’ve become a necessary part of many retail environments. If you’re looking for sneeze guards for retail shops, Sunbelt Displays can provide a custom solution. We’re a custom plastic fabrication company with decades of experience producing retail displays, signage, and protective panels for businesses throughout the United States. We will listen to your specific needs, work with your marketing team to design a solution, and have the final product in your hands in no time.

Offering Unmatched Turnaround Times

At Sunbelt Displays, we handle every step of the manufacturing process in-house and never utilize subcontractors, which gives us an advantage regarding lead times and quality control. Our team includes graphic designers, project managers, engineers, fabricators, and other specialists who will work to complete production on the sneeze guards for your retail shops as soon as possible. And if you’d like to have any graphics or logos printed on them, we can take care of it using our AGFA Jeti Titan and AGFA Jeti Mira digital presses.

Don’t let airborne contaminants derail your business or put your employees and customers at risk—let Sunbelt Displays provide effective sneeze guards for your retail shops. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can evaluate your needs and develop a custom solution. We serve retailers, wholesalers, marketing companies, and other businesses throughout the U.S.