Protect Your Staff With Custom Sneeze Guards for the Desks in Your Office

Sneeze Guards for DesksWith an eye toward collaboration, offices throughout the U.S. have instituted open seating options so employees can communicate with one another more freely. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic’s social distancing rules have added a new dynamic and created some concerns. If you want to help ensure the safety of your employees moving forward, one option to consider is installing acrylic sneeze guards between the desks. This will allow your staff to continue to communicate while limiting the potential for transmission of airborne germs and viruses.

Sunbelt Displays Will Help You Maintain a Safer Office Space

If you’re interested in this possibility but not sure about the next step, Sunbelt Displays can help. We’ve been producing acrylic shields and displays for more than two decades and have developed a reputation for providing outstanding products for a fair price. We custom manufacture acrylic sneeze guards for all types of business environments and would like to provide a solution that fits your specific needs. Our team will meet with your designers to formulate the ideal sneeze guards for your office desks, and once a prototype has been approved, we’ll get to work on the manufacturing process. We’ll handle every step of production ourselves, including printing, packing, and shipping, so you’ll enjoy industry-leading turnaround times.

Contact Sunbelt Displays today if you’d like additional details about the custom acrylic sneeze guards we can provide for the desks in your office. We proudly serve businesses throughout the U.S.