Acrylic Sneeze Barriers for Businesses Throughout the U.S.

Sneeze BarriersSocial distancing guidelines and greater overall awareness about the transmission of germs and viruses have made sneeze barriers a regular part of the retail landscape—and it appears they aren’t going away anytime soon. Once found only at restaurant buffets, sneeze guards are effective at limiting the spread of airborne impurities among individuals who end up face to face in a business environment. If you’re searching for a company that can deliver custom sneeze barriers in a timely fashion, consider Sunbelt Displays. We’re one of the most experienced acrylic display manufacturers in the U.S. and offer a level of expertise that the competition can’t match.

Offering Custom Solutions

Sneeze barriers from Sunbelt Displays can be utilized in a wide array of settings. Whether you’re trying to provide protection for cashiers stationed at registers in retail stores or create a safer work environment for employees seated at collaborative desks, our sneeze guards provide an added level of protection. We’ll work with your design team to create the ideal sneeze guard for your needs, and one of our project managers will ensure that you’re completely satisfied throughout the production process. Once manufacturing is completed, we’ll pack and ship your sneeze guards to anywhere in the U.S. And since we don’t subcontract out for any work, we’re able to offer industry-best turnaround times.

Provide added protection for your employees and customers with custom acrylic sneeze barriers from Sunbelt Displays. Contact us today to learn more about our services.