A Sidekick Display is a Powerful Promotional Tool for Retailers throughout the Nation

Sidekick DisplayMaximize the space on your sales floor with innovative sidekick display solutions from the leading display manufacturer in the nation, Sunbelt Displays. Just imagine someone browsing the aisles of your store and stopping to look at a sidekick display that advertises a sale on the latest handbag to hit the market. Whether they purchase that particular handbag or not, you’ve brought them closer to a larger selection of similar merchandise (perhaps more handbags, belts, or other accessories) that may be in the adjoining aisle, which enhances the probability of making a sale.

For retailers, advertising firms, display distribution companies, and manufacturers throughout the nation, a sidekick display, also called a power wing display, is a versatile, cost-effective marketing tool that offers a big return on your investment. These temporary displays from Sunbelt can highlight new products, bargain buys, or any other promotion that requires maximum visibility. We’re proud to offer these innovative products in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes for all of your marketing needs.

In addition to sidekick displays, power wing displays, and other standing floor display solutions, Sunbelt Displays is also proud to offer digital printing services for POP displays, retail displays, store fixtures, sidekick displays, and more. Now you can get crisp, clear graphics and custom displays from one trusted source. Whether you’re located in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Charlotte, New Orleans, or anywhere in the nation, you can contact us today to start the design process.