Power Wings Pack a Punch for Businesses throughout the Nation

Power Wings

Power wings, also known as sidekick displays, are found at the end of store aisles. This location is perfect to draw in a casual browser, but you also have to compete for their attention, which means your display needs to stand out in an appealing way. This is where Sunbelt Displays comes in. We’re a leading display manufacturer that has developed millions of displays during our time in businesses, and we can produce custom power wings for your business.

From Concept to Completion

Your marketing team will be paired with one of our experienced project managers who will work with you from concept to completion. Your project manager will:

  • Have a discussion with your team to learn about your company and the product being marketed to develop a CAD drawing of what you want the display to look like
  • Send a prototype of the display to you, so you can examine it and make sure it looks and feels exactly as you envisioned
  • Supervise during the production process to ensure your displays are printed on time and properly kit-packed
  • Provide updates during the shipment phase so you are always in the loop about your project
  • Follow up with you after your displays have been delivered to make sure you are completely satisfied

Get in Touch

Do you want power wings produced by one of the best manufacturers in the business? Then you want Sunbelt Displays. Contact us today to get the design process started. We proudly serve companies throughout the nation.