Point of Purchase from Atlanta to Houston, Miami to Dallas, Los Angeles to New York & Beyond

Point of PurchasePoint of purchase is the moment when your customers are ready to open their wallets and buy your products. Obviously, then, the point of purchase is a critical time for putting your advertising and marketing efforts to work.

A main component of your point of purchase campaign is the point of purchase display. By physically showing your product, its features, and its benefits to consumers in a captivating and alluring presentation, point of purchase displays are able to target your message to the audience you want to reach better than many other forms of advertisement.

Point of purchase is unique because it captures a consumer’s attention at the precise moment when he or she is in a store for the sole purpose of buying something. Whether it is a hungry young adult at Los Angeles, California fast food restaurant or a concerned parent in a Miami, Florida discount store, each shopper is potentially your customer. Your job is to motivate them at the point of purchase.

A point of purchase display, or POP display, provides numerous opportunities to persuade a shopper, such as:

  1. Impulse buys—An impulse buy is a spontaneous purchase that is often tied to instant gratification or emotions.
  2. Seizing consumer loyalty—Convince customers to try your brand of product over another for the sole purpose of comparing that brand to the one they normally buy.
  3. Creating wants and needs—Make consumers aware of useful products they never knew existed, such as a cleaning tool or hair styling gel.
  4. Advertising new products—The point of purchase product display can be used to enhance your existing advertising efforts for new products, especially if the display is coordinated in appearance and message with your other advertisements.

From restaurant point of purchase displays in New York City to point of purchase counter displays in Chicago, the power of the point of purchase advertising cannot be denied or ignored. Sunbelt Displays has more than 30 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and distributing point of purchase displays nationwide. We are also pleased to offer digital point of purchase printing services to better meet your needs. We can help you capture this vital market, effectively and affordably.

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