Plexiglass Shields Help Protect Employees and Customers

Plexiglass shields are an effective way to safeguard employees and customers at your place of business. Whether you have a small office, run a busy grocery store, or own a gym, plexiglass shields have the potential to create a safer environment for everyone involved. At Sunbelt Displays, we custom-manufacture plexiglass shields, sneeze guards, and other partitions that help you enhance the safety of your work environment. As a leading manufacturer of displays in the U.S., we have the expertise to help you find the perfect solutions to suit your needs.

Where to Place Plexiglass Shields

Not sure where you might want to place plexiglass shields in your business? The design experts at Sunbelt Displays can help. Plexiglass partitions are a great option for any area where face-to-face interactions take place, such as at checkout counters at retail stores, counters at nail salons, and receptionist areas within offices. Additionally, plexiglass shields can help create a barrier where social distancing is not always possible or practical. This includes between workstations in open office environments, between seats in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices, and other areas where employees may spend extended periods.

Custom Designs From Sunbelt Displays

At Sunbelt Displays, we can custom-manufacture the perfect plexiglass shields for your business. Built to the exact dimensions you need for each area of your store or office, our plexiglass partitions provide an unobtrusive and convenient way to help protect both your employees and customers. We can further customize your plexiglass barriers with your logo, branding, and any messaging you desire to suit your business needs.

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