Sunbelt Displays Offers Kit Packing Capabilities to Save You Money

Kit PackingThere are many display fabrication companies that you can use for your upcoming promotional project that may seem like the right company to choose – until you find out they outsource many of their services, like assembly, kit packing, and order fulfillment. This translates to higher costs for your project, meaning you’ll have to see an even bigger return on investment (ROI) to make a profit. At Sunbelt Displays, we believe that customers should be able to go to one company and have all of their display fabrication needs met. This doesn’t end at design, development, and manufacturing, but continues through assembly, kit packing, and shipping. By keeping all of our capability services in-house, we cut out the middlemen, allowing us to save you money on both labor and shipping.

When you choose Sunbelt Displays, we can complete your display order by including other kit packing components that are needed to ship with the display, such as:

  • Hardware kits – for displays that attach to existing fixtures at the store or require hardware to assemble
  • Instruction sheets – allow for easier setup, which is especially necessary for displays shipped knocked down flat (KDF)
  • Brochures and other literature – this can include company announcement letters, sell sheets, notepads, and much more
  • Product to be sold – whether you need the actual product or a dummy sample shipped

So, if you’d like to learn more about Sunbelt Displays and the many capabilities we offer, contact us today. We’re proud to serve retail stores and businesses throughout the United States, providing expert display fabrication services, as well as order fulfillment, kit packing, and assembly capabilities.