Cabinet Toe Kick Products – Sunbelt Displays’ PF Toe Kick is Easy to Install & Easy on Your Budget

cabinet toe kick

Sunbelt Displays has been producing our branded ADA-compliant cabinet toe kick for more than 15 years. The PF (pre-fabricated) Toe Kick is easy to install and helps eliminate a lot of headaches in the field. It is the perfect solution for making sink cabinets ADA-compliant for hospitals, schools, restaurants, medical facilities, or any other commercial building. There are similar products available in the market, but our toe kick tops them all because they are affordable, lightweight, durable, clean, and streamlined.

When you turn to Sunbelt Displays for cabinet toe kick products, you’ll be pleased to know that:

  • They come ready to install with clear instructions and trusshead screws.
  • They are sold in sets of one right and one left.
  • Our toe kicks are built for durability, easily withstanding knocks and scrapes without failing.
  • They are ¼ inch adjustable in all directions to accommodate for door gaps and floor coverings and can be trimmed up to six inches on each side.
  • Each PF Toe Kick has a professional finish and can be painted, laminated, or covered with a vinyl or rubber toe base.

Our PF Toe Kick products are sold by distributors throughout the country, including from Wurth Wood Group, Wurth Baer Supply, Wurth Louis & Company, Richelieu Hardware, Charles McMurray, MacMurray Pacific, and many others. We also deliver our toe kicks to commercial cabinet makers, architects, and millwork shops in states that are not serviced by one of our distributors.

If you’d like to learn more about our pre-fabricated cabinet toe kick products, or are interested in becoming a PF toe kick distributor, contact Sunbelt Displays today.