Acrylic Business Card Holder from Sunbelt Plastic: Custom Designs & Infinite Possibilities

Acrylic Busines Card HolderCompanies have become increasingly creative with their business card designs, and Sunbelt Displays has matched this creativity with infinite possibilities for acrylic business card holder displays. Whether you need business card holders for horizontal cards, vertical cards, folding cards, prepaid gift cards, brochures with cards, or multiple stacks of cards in one display, Sunbelt Displays will be happy to assist you.

With more than 30 years of experience as acrylic manufacturers, Sunbelt Displays takes pride in our intricate design capabilities, superior construction techniques, and on-time shipping. From wall-mounted card holders to card holders with sign frames, each acrylic business card holder we manufacture comes with the look you want and the quality you deserve.

Based near Atlanta, Sunbelt Plastic has distributed card holders all over the country, from New York to Chicago, Los Angeles to Houston, Phoenix to Philadelphia and beyond. Please contact Sunbelt Displays today for more details about our affordable displays and commitment to customer satisfaction.