Sunbelt Displays is Your Source for a Customized Acrylic Business Card Holder

Acrylic Busines Card Holder

There’s no reason to settle for an average, everyday acrylic business card holder. Instead, turn to the experts at Sunbelt Displays and receive one that is completely customized for your business and your needs. Whether you want a business card holder that is uniquely branded for your company or has multiple functionalities, we can make it happen.

What Are the Different Customization Options?

There is truly no limit to the different ways we can customize the business card holders you need, but here are a few of the most common options:

  • Horizontal or vertical holders
  • Folded holders
  • Product easels with card holders
  • Catalogue or brochure holders with card holders
  • Desktop holders
  • Holders with multiple tiers and pockets

Why Should I Work With Sunbelt?

Sunbelt has spent more than 15 years fabricating all types of fixtures, from retail displays to brochure holders to business card holders and more. We have more than a million displays to our name, which means we are experts in this industry and have developed a well-regarded reputation for the high-quality fixtures we produce.

Plus, when you work with Sunbelt Displays, you can count on individualized service. We pair each customer with one of our expert designers who guides their project from concept to completion. This designer will answer all of your questions and ensure your project is completed in a timely manner, never letting a single piece fall through the cracks.

When you need a beautifully designed acrylic business card holder, count on Sunbelt Displays. Contact us today to get started.