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A shelf talker is a small sign attached to the edge of a shelf that advertises a special sale, a new product, or any other aspect of a product that you’d like to highlight. These temporary retail signs, although not large in size, can pack a large punch because customers are drawn to them as they roam store aisles. They can provide customers with esNutrex Quick Rendersential information about the product, like the current sale price compared to the original price, and they can provide just enough purchasing impetus at the crucial point-of-sale. Sunbelt Displays specializes in a wide variety of temporary and permanent POP displays and their accompanying digitally printed graphics, including retail shelf talkers, standees, windows decals, banners, and more.

A shelf talker can be produced using a wide array of substrates, like plastic, cardboard, or vinyl, and can draw promotional attention to products in a variety of ways. While many retailers like to use a shelf talker to increase the visibility of a sale item, these POP signs can also be used to designate certain items as “healthy” or “eco-friendly.” There’s simply no end to the benefits of a shelf talker, which is an inexpensive advertising solution that’s easy to set up and a snap to take down.American Crew (2)

Sunbelt Displays has the experience and technology necessary to create innovate, eye-catching graphics and displays for any type of retail environment. Our 20,000-square-foot production facility houses state-of-the-art equipment for display fabrication, digital printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, order fulfillment, and shipping.

Retailers, manufacturers, and marketing firms in Raleigh, New York City, Miami, Fort Worth, and throughout the nation can contact us today for more information on shelf talkers, POP graphics, business signage, and more.